An outstanding educational and entertaining video filmed from the 40" high perspective of a child. This award winning video teaches pre-school kids good dental hygiene and what to expect when they visit a dentist. A must for every classroom and a great pre-visit loaner for dentists. For a clip of the actual video, link to:

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Tooth Brushing Model
Educational Video
Made from unbreakable urethane, this demonstration model is approximately 2x natural size, measuring 4 1/2" tall when closed and 5 1/2" wide from molar to molar. Teeth # 3 & #5 are removable and all teeth are individually inserted to allow for flossing instruction. A plastic hinge allows the model to open and comes with an oversize toothbrush and floss.
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Twooth     Timer
A compact tooth shaped timer that helps ensure brushing for the recommended time up to 2 minutes. Simple to use - just twist the tooth. Award winning design.
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