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Bookmarks that make reading fun
A wonderful incentive prize 
for preschool & elementary
school reading programs
For kids & the young at heart
Meet the Bookmark Buddies - A great way to make reading fun! Each of these adorable 3" soft & cuddly bean filled bookmarks has its own special name and a 7 1/4" elastic body that stretches up to 15" to fit most any size book. Just insert the body into the book with your Buddy's head and feet sticking out. He'll save your place for you!
Colorful characters assorted per bag of 48,
may include: 

Diggity Dog
Cracker Cat
Snorkel Elephant
Barley Brown Bear
Fuddy Duddy Frog
Silly Gilly Fish
Hullabaloo Hippo
Handy Dandy Lion